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Jessy Zhou Perform with Yossry El Hefni Band @ 2nd BGBD Bossa Global Belly Dance Festival
Jessy Zhou perform @ Face To Face 国际东方舞艺术交流节. 赣州站
2017 Live To Dance III 宣传视频
Live To Dance II 2016

* Opening Dance

Choreographer by Jessy Zhou

All Dancers From Jessy Zhou Bellydance School

Jessy Zhou Perform @ GWBD 2015 International Bellydance Festival
Jessy Zhou Perform @ Miss Malaysia Bellydance Festival 2015

* Oriental + Drum Solo

Choreographer by Jessy Zhou

Dancer: Isabella Zhou

Dancer From Jessy Zhou Bellydance School

Jessy Zhou perform @ BDC 2014  International Bellydance Festival
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